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Since Zals arrived in Doha, he has been very active in keeping in touch with other Malaysians here. He really practiced his PR skills... :-)) I have distanced myself a little bit, not that I hate it, but to avoid politics within the community. However, since Zals is new here and he is very eager to get to know Malaysians here, I believe it is good for me to rebond again with the community. After all, we are Malaysians... [maybe I should thank Zals for this...]

Friday afternoon, our friend KM (who Zals met during sembahyang raya at the embassy) came over and together with AI (another Malaysian who will be joining Zals at the broadcast company) we went for a lunch at Turkey Central restaurant. Turkey Central restaurant is a well known restaurant within the expatriate circles, especially Americans. The restaurant is listed in the introduction leaflets or CDs for expatriates. The price is very reasonable. We ordered a kilogram of mixed grill and cost us only QR70 (around RM73).

After lunch, err.. a late lunch, around 4pm, we drove to Wakrah beach, a small town south of Doha. This is a small fishermen town and only 15 minutes from Doha down town. We have only less than an hour to sample day light at the beach before the sun sets at 4.49pm...

The weather was nice and the beach was full with Keralites. Maybe their day out at the beach :-))

On the way back, stopped by at a local joint, Halul Cafe by the Corniche. Had some tea and a shisha. For dinner, Zals volunteered to cook. He cooked ayam masak kicap, telur bungkus and sayur kacang. That was gooood!

After dinner, we went to another local joint at Souq Waqif for a tea/juice and shisha (again.. second shisha within three hours). Stayed there until 11pm only since KM has to work on Saturday. Poor him :-)

15mins to 1am, sent AI to the broadcast company to join his wife (who was on night shift) before going back to their compound. I went back home for a short sleep - since the next morning I planned to attend this Thai Cooking class at Moevenpick Hotel.

Woke up a bit late on Saturday morning. Took a mug of my usual ginseng coffee and drove to Moevenpick. What a dissapointment! The class cost QR105 and it looked like a demo. So, Zals and myself decided not to waste our money to watch a demo. We decided to find an Asian breakfast, however the Indonesian restaurant nearby did not open for breakfast. Drove to The Mall nearby and at the end, we had brunch at Chili's.

After brunch, balik apartment and relax...

It was a tiring weekend... need to go to work early next morning for a meeting! aarrghhh... Sunday blues....

~ MT@Qatar
~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

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zali said...

i guess next weekend will be more hectic than this weekend. :)

me took loads of pics as well.

mirul said...

Reading past ur archive i can see that u travel to and fro from malaysia to qatar only.

it would be interesting to see many other destinations other than QA. :)

salam perkenalan.

MT said...

next weekend? hmmm.... wonder what will happen... :-)

Thnks for visiting... Salam perkenalan to you too..

Yes, u r right.. so far, since i created my blog, i only travelled to qatar (actually i am currently based here), Abu dhabi and Dubai.

Before, i have travelled to Europe (one month back pack), Bali, Bangkok, Chicago. Working - Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Singapore (err.. not really work..)

insyaAllah, bila I travel lagi nanti, i will publish it (maklum le dah ada blog... :-))

thanks again for visiting.. (I remember i visited yr blog before ;-))

azam said...

up date please!!!!