QA: Makan-Makan (3)

Friday morning, hosted a simple breakfast for a young Malaysian family and couple of friends. They did not attend the Makan-Makan (2) last time due to work committment. It was a simple affair - just nasi lemak, sambal tumis ikan bilis, ayam goreng, rendang dinding (left over from Makan-Makan (2)), and nasi himpit and kuah kacang (also left over from previous Makan-Makan (2)).

In the evening, I attended a belated Thanksgiving 'casual" dinner with my colleagues at my boss villa. A beautiful and huge villa in the diplomatic area (or West Bay area).

I was expecting a nice stuffed turkey, however, what I had was this...... hmmm... really casual dinner!

Previously on Thursday evening, bought two garoupa (I was told it is kerapu, betul ke?) at Corniche for QAR25 per kilogramme. Cooked Fried Garoupa in Sweet Sour and Thai style Steamed Garoupa. Not bad for first attemp!

~M T @ Q4t4r
~~ Ibn Mahmoud, Doha

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zali said...

The kerapu were really2 good... :-)

MT said...

Betul tu... it was good... three people bantai 2 ekor kerapu..kejap je licin :-)

We need somebody to clean teh fish next time.. seksaaaaa!!!!